We provide training in medical aesthetics to nurses, nurse practitioners, and aestheticians. We offer a variety of courses and personalized training options to meet your needs and help your business grow.

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Introduction to Injecting Neurotoxins

Woman receiving forehead injections at medical spa.

This didactic and hands on course led by the Selene group includes training from a team of Nurse Practitioners in collaboration with a board certified plastic surgeon who will take you through the safety of injecting neurotoxins including Botox, Dysport, Juveau and Xeomin. We will review injectors basic anatomy, indications and contraindications for treatment, reconstitution, dosing and injecting techniques, and of course, compliance.

8 hours and up


Introduction to Injecting Dermal Fillers

Medical spa aesthetician and patient

This hands on and didactic course reviews safety, injector anatomy, the rheology of fillers, the art of facial assessment, analyzing facial characteristics as people age and the appropriate injecting technique. Instructors will cover best practices and teach you the art of injectable fillers and how to use them to their fullest potential while balancing the natural aging process, anatomical structure and gravity to achieve the most natural results. With a heavy emphasis on safety, this beginner course will focusing on lips, nasal labial folds, marionette lines and cheek injections.

8 hours and up


Medical Director

Medical professionals discussing

Looking for supervision for your practice? Our small and close knit team can provide your spa with a medical directors that will supervise your practice while keeping your client safe and your practice compliant. Our team is small, and thats the way we like it! To allow supervision of your practice, have on site visits, and make sure your policies and protocols are up to date and compliant. You can have access to all your own product accounts and training, to make sure you are as knowledgable as you can be and grow your business into a well respected, compliant, safe and successful practice.

Price Varies

Collagen Induction Therapy, PRP

Nurse and patient

This comprehensive training explores the multiple cosmetic applications of platelet rich plasma (PRP) that will allow you to add this service to your current menu to provide minimally invasive treatments to reduce facial wrinkles, dark under eye circles and hollowness, deep creases, volume loss and improve the overall appearance, tone and texture of skin. This course will also cover adding micro-needling with PRP to your practice, PRP for hair loss and much much more.

5 hours 30 minutes


Injecting with Micro-cannulas

Medical spa aesthetician and patient

Micro-cannula treatment techniques are a safe way to deliver dermal fillers. Micro-cannula techniques can deliver dermal filler with little bruising, minimal discomfort, less downtime and many times is done with a single entry point covering many areas. This course will cover treating the posterior and anterior medial cheek area, tear troughs, jawline, temples and much more!

This class is for the advanced injector who has already completed dermal filler training and are comfortable providing these treatments.

6 hours


Medical Spa "in-house" Training

Greeting in Spa Reception

Our team comes to your spa to train your team! In your setting, our team will train up to 4 providers going through techniques, safety, product selection and of course- anatomy. This is for providers who have already completed a botox and filler training course and who want to perfect their craft with more hands on training and take their injecting to the next level.

6 hours and up